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To all community members;

If you are not feeling well and think you may have been infected

1. Call your physician FIRST and follow their direction. DO NOT JUST SHOW UP. They need to take proper protocol before you show up.

2. Self-quarantine.
3. Follow the guidelines:

a. Cough in your arm

b. Wash hands

c. Keep your hands from your face.

d. Social distancing 6 feet from each other.

e. If you feel sick STAY HOME

As for the reported cases in the Town of Lloyd:

Please understand the confidentiality of this matter.

I can only tell you the Department of Health and the County officials are screening the cases and they will notify any one that has been in contact with or was in the same area of the person.

I will not answer to rumor or innuendo.

I will however give a daily brief through posts on social media, websites and Robocalls at the end of this copy.

If you know anyone that cannot get to a computer, kindly relay the information to them.

It is very important at this time to stay calm be patient and comfort each other.

I will be getting my information from State and County officials daily.

I will do my best to inform you of any pertinent information.

I will also say: Please, if you are home during the day watch the Governor's Daily Report... usually in the morning or the County Executive which is usually around noon. Or the President in the early afternoon around 3pm.

I repeat this is a very progressive and fluid crisis, meaning the information I get evolves to something else quickly.

No one in our life time has dealt with a crisis like this, one that could go sideways if we don't follow the protocol for self-protection.

Let's not panic! Focus on the positive efforts to help those who need it.
Thank you all


Fred Pizzuto

Town of Lloyd Supervisor Fred Pizzuto

Ulster County Covid-19 Hotline


NYS Coronavirus Information Hotline 888-364-3065