Project Care

The Town of Lloyd Police Department offers a daily welfare check for qualifying Town of Lloyd residents age 62 or older. Project Care members receive a daily phone call at a time convenient for that member. If the Project Care member cannot be reached by phone without prior notice or reason, a Police Officer will patrol to the residence for a check in person.  

Requirements for Participation in Project Care

  • You must be a town of lloyd resident.    
  • You must be 62 years of age or older.    
  • You must reside alone.    
  • You must authorize the Town of Lloyd police department  to enter your residence forcefully to check your welfare.

Applicants can download the the Project Care application, complete and submit it to our agency at the address listed below.

Questions regarding the Project Care program can be forwarded to:

Chief James Janso
25 Milton Ave.
Highland, NY 12528