Public Notice Local Law B-2020 Zoning Amendments



Pursuant to a May 6, 2020 resolution of the Town of Lloyd Town Board, notice is hereby given that a draft local law amending the Town of Lloyd Zoning Code is available for public review and written comment.  The proposed local law would: (1) amend the Zoning Code’s regulations with respect to retirement communities; and (2) amend the standards applicable to upper floor apartments in the Highway Business District.  Written public comments are encouraged and will be made part of the official public record.  A copy of the Town Board’s resolution and the draft local law may be obtained by email from: or by written request mailed to Town Clerk, Town of Lloyd, 12 Church Street, Highland, NY  12528.   Comments should be addressed to the Town Board and directed to the following email address: or to the attention of Town Clerk in the Town offices.   Prior to any adoption of the proposed amendments to the Zoning Code a public hearing is required by law to be held, and published notice of any such hearing will be provided in advance. 

Proposed law is attached at the bottom of this notice.

Wendy D. Rosinski

Town Clerk

May 8, 2020