Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept payment over the phone?

No. At the moment the Town of Lloyd does not accept credit card payments of any kind, including payments over the phone.

What do I do if I have a question about my bill?

Feel free to call (845) 691-2400 with any questions about your bill.

Where do I pay my bill?

Water bills can either be paid in person at Town Hall (12 Church Street) or by mail.

Is there fluoride in the water?


Will the Water Department come and check for leaks?

Yes. You may either fill out an online request here [insert link to online form here], or contact the office at (845) 691-2400 and set up an appointment.

Who is responsible for water and/or lines?

In the case of water lines: The Town of Lloyd is responsible from the main to the curb shut-off box, and any issues from the that point into the house are the homeowners responsibility.

In the case of sewer lines: The homeowner is responsible from the main, in the street, into the house.

What can I do if I have rusty/discolored water?

Run the cold water for 10-15 minutes, or until becomes clear. If the water remains discolored, feel free to call the Water Department at (845) 691-2400.

What is an average bill?

There is no average bill. Every household differs in their water consumption.

Here are some average water usage figures to help estimate your possible usage:

  • Laundry: 20 to 45 gal. per load
  • Shower: 20 to 30 gal. per shower
  • Tub bath: 30 to 40 gal. per bath
  • Dishwasher: 10 to 30 gal. per load
  • Toilet: 3.5 to 7 gal. per flush
  • Drinking water: 1 to 2 qt. per day, per person  
  • Garbage disposal: 5 gal. per minute of use
  • Car washing: 5 gal. per minute of use
  • Lawn watering: 7 to 43 gal. per 100 sq. ft.